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SOHO MDI magnetogram SOHO EIT 171 Solar coronal loops observed by SOHO Solar cycle observed by YOHKOH
Advanced Summer School in Solar Physics
organised by
SPARG, University of Sheffield (UK)
Mallorca, 31 August - 4 September 2006

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This is an unprecedented golden era for solar physics. Ground-based and space observations of the Sun obtained by recent satellite missions (RHESSI, SOHO, TRACE, YOHKOH, etc.) have provided with a wealth of information about the physics at various scales from the solar interior to the Sunís atmosphere fostering many theoretical developments. These exciting new solar observations, along with the boost in computer technology (establishment of GRIDs), have completely revolutionarised our understanding of solar physics and space weather.

It is now a long tradition that PPARC supports an advanced course for 2nd and 3rd year PhD students and PDRAs. We continue this excellent tradition and opportunity for UK (and international) postgraduate students and postdocs in solar physics. The Solar Physics and upper-Atmosphere Research Group (SPARG), University of Sheffield (SU) organises the next Advanced Summer School in Solar Physics (ASSSP06). However, breaking the traditions, this time the School is held in the beautiful city of Palma de Mallorca!

Aims of the School
ASSSP06 is intended to provide an advanced training in the field of solar physics to 2nd and 3rd year postgraduate students, and PDRAs having already some initial work in the fields of solar physics.

Information on lectures and course activities
ASSSP06 covers an advanced introduction to the Sun-Earth system, the solar interior and atmosphere structures (including the corona and solar wind), MHD waves, instabilities, magnetic reconnection, helioseismology and dynamo theory (i.e. physics of the interior), coronal heating, solar flares, CMEs and the interactions of solar particles, magnetic fields and radiation with the magnetic field of the Sun. Ground and space based observational techniques and atomic processes will also be covered. The intention is to provide students with an overview of the whole coupled solar interior, atmosphere and solar wind system. The first four days of the School provide a general review of energy flow through the various solar structures, starting in the interior of the Sun and ending in the solar wind. There will be sessions providing a more detailed review of solar instrumentation and observational technique of solar interior and atmosphere processes.

There are opportunities for short presentations by postgraduate students and PDRAs, and plenty of time is provided for formal or informal discussions with the lecturers and senior scientists.

There will be an Icebreaker, a Conference Dinner and an Excursion. For more details on the lectures, time table and social activities see the programme pages.

Funding Support
Limited funding is available for PPARC supported postgraduate students and PDRAs on a first come, first served basis, i.e. the School is free for a limited number PPARC postgraduate students and PDRAs only, where priority is given to postgraduate students!.

Non-PPARC participants have to cover their expenses from their own resources. For registration fees see the Registration pages.

Venue and Accommodation
All lectures and presentations of ASSSP06 will be in the recently refurbished meeting rooms at Hotel Isla Mallorca providing excellent facilities for the School.

Accommodation for all accepted participants will be arranged, for the period of the entire course, at Hotel Isla Mallorca. The hotel is within convenient walking distance (see the maps) to the city centre. Students will be provided half-board.

Application to participate
All interested applicants have to apply through the Registration pages. For a valid registration of interest and application to participate applicants have to fill in the Application Form (closed) and arrange a Reference Letter (closed) by their supervisor.

The Reference Letter must be sent via the provided webform to the Director of the School within two working days after an application is filed off. Unfortunately we do not have the capacity of chasing references on behalf of an application made. Applications not supplemented by a Reference Letter within two working days will be automatically discarded and removed from our data base without any further notice.

We encourage postgraduate students and PDRAs to make applications from the UK or from anywhere in the world.

For further details on the application procedure, deadlines, etc. visit the Registration pages.

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