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Solar coronal loops observed by the TRACE mission Sun-Earth interaction


The IUSS is aimed at bright and motivated undergraduate students from around the world who are seriously considering a research career in the areas of astronomy and particle physics. It is expected that applicants undergraduate students for this course shall have at least two years studies completed in appropriate subjects and to be at least a year from receiving their undergraduate degrees. It is highly probable for such students that a decision is not yet taken for a post-graduate career choice. Anyone who qualifies the above criteria is eligible to apply.

We strongly encourage outstanding students with credibly proven excellent undergraduate academic records (e.g. in form of recommmendations received from a senior academic staff (e.g. head of department, project supervisor, lab instructor, etc.; for details how to arrange such references see below) to make applications from less favourable regions of the world, from developing countries or countries with economic difficulties and disadvantages. Minorities and female students are also encouraged to apply.

How to apply?
The application consists of two simple but important steps:
  • Fill in the Application Form (closed!)
  • Arrange immediately, but no later than three working days after submission of your Application Form, with a senior staff (ideally your head of department, academic tutor, supervisor, head of lab, etc.) to complete the web Reference Letter (closed!) form which, upon completion, will be sent automatically to the Director of School.
Note, unfortunately we do not have the capacity of chasing credible references on behalf of an application made. Applications not supplemented by a Reference Letter within the three-days deadline will be automatically discarded and removed from our data base without any further notice.

  • Application deadline: 13 April 2007
  • Notification of acceptance: 27 April 2007
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